All the jackets’ photos are only samples of what we have produced.
Since the material (batik) is hand-drawn, not stamped or factory made,
there is no way we can produce two of the same products.
Every single jacket is one of a kind.

We only accept special order for requested color, jacket type and fabric used,
not special order to make similar or exact same jacket as the one we made.
And for every order, 50% unreturnable down-payment is required.

We take no cancellation once the down-payment is made,
so please make sure you inform us about your preferences before making down-payment.

Choosing the batiks from our factory is NOT possible.
We have too many batiks and we have special requirement for each design.
Please understand our term and condition before you are making the order.
We are trying to accomodate your request the best way we could.

Full payment is required before we can deliver the jacket to you.

Please contact one of us for our ready stock.